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The "Future of Dewatering"
is Here !
A Significant, New Way of Dewatering that will Save on Costs!

Our Features

Low Maintenance and Easy to Maintain with fewer moving parts than a belt press or centrifuge. 

The filter material can be manually cleaned from the outside

in less than 1 hour.

Self-Dumping and does not require conveyors for loading.

Enclosed Unit for operation does not require a building.

No major electrical upgrades.  Low energy consumption.

Easy to Operate and Easily serviced on site. 

Achieves Maximum Dryness with Cost Saving Results.

WHY Roll-X ?

The Roll-X is a patented solution that can save you both time and money.

It's incredibly easy to use and can dewater any type of waste.

If you can pump it, the Roll-X Reactor can process for disposal.

Plus, it comes with everything you need to operate and maintain it.


Control room for operator

All necessary controls to operate

VFD speed control for sludge pump

VFD Speed Control for polymer feed pump

VFD Speed Control for rotating drum for dryness

Electric control switch for polymer feed water

Can be viewed on tv monitor or smartphone with Wi-Fi


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